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you showing the world the face of black america and nurturing caring, loving strong moral face of black america and water -- with a wonderful picture and what a wonderful story worth telling and a portrait of real love thank you for showing how love between a black man and woman can and should look and three black men have the opportunity to see the way he shows his respect and love for you and how he communicates and the way he allows you to be and to sheinberg of three black women see you to all of the same things for your husband and three we see how the two of you depend and lean on each other. thank you. with so much history and the burdens of so many carradine you're back have given pride and hope. thank you for that in
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because you have given some bench to sell many of hope you can feel the encouragement of all the people you admire and as you carry the burdens placed upon you, please note that you're not alone and you and your beautiful family are thought of and prayed for daily by the millions that you inspire. the journey may not be easy, think of us to ease your burden and pain. those who you inspire and those who you have given hope to in those whom you have filled with pride and think of your sister and a sister friends and your favorite cousin and think of your mother and think of me. we are the same. sincerely yours in christ, laurie. [applause] i just want to add one more thing with our latino sisters. i will just read the first couple stances a. >> do michelle cohmad i
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never wanted to visit the white house until now now that you and your family live there buy universal prayer. i still wellcome now that i know all little girls with double dutch and missing teeth live there know that i know that 1/8 grade student will fly on nightingale wings out of a forest from the city of angels to watch you and your man walked into your new house. [applause]
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>> richard wolfe cover the obama campaign. you tell us about your followings of the president during the 2008 campaign? vivica was one of the few that was there from the beginning two the end. the book to about as a suggestion it would be a great idea for me to write a book and i told him it would be a stupid idea but there was something about his story that was worth telling and something hidden in reserves and that is why approached the book not the story of the campaign but him as it played out through the campaign. >> have you read his book? yes. both of them. dreams of my father's is an extraordinary piece of literature. and in no way a tough standard to live up to when you look at his story but you cannot lead a politician write their own story and
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that is our approach this one. i think it is one view of somebody in there were many other aspects that are not pictured at all. >> host: talk about your early reservations a variety of the book. what were your preconceptions? >> from the time we talked about it from the time it was suggested i had been covering one year. i do think there was a contradiction, a two contradictions that someone so public could be on loan and secondly somebody who had these unconventional renegade qualities and could be on conventional and also cautious and risk averse than taking the gamble that he talk so the tension between the conventional and

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